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SUBJECT: Whisper this to have your man craving you!
SUBJECT: This is more effective than a visual for driving men wild
Yes, men are visual creatures. But did you know that
sometimes a few words whispered in his ear (or sent
via text or email) can be even MORE POWERFUL
in stirring up his desire for you?
Want to know which words and phrases that turn men
on the most? Here is what Oprah's romance expert,
Michael Webb says are the sure-fire words to use
that will have your man going CRAZY for you.
To your love,
P.S. There are some current bonuses on the
website that are disappearing soon so check it out
before it is gone.
SUBJECT: Men want this more than anything else
SUBJECT: Do this and men will beg for your attention
SUBJECT: This will *super glue* a man to you
If you are not a man, you would not know this. More
*love chemicals* are released in a man's brain by the thoughts
of being physical with a woman than the actual act itself.
That is why many men act drunk-like when they are turned on
and will doing crazy things in pursuit of that fulfillment.
Your taunting and teasing can give him such a passion *high*
that he'll become so addicted to you and want you to tease
him over and over again. But be careful, because certain
words and phrases are so powerful that you may NEVER be
able to get rid of him once you have spoken them.
This teasing technique is also a great way to rekindle the
passion that might have fizzled in the relationship and bring
it back to a roaring fire.
To your love,
P.S. Please only use this on men who you want to have a
committed relationship with as it is like super-glue and will
bond him to you in a powerful way.
SUBJECT: Whisper this and give her an instant orgasm
SUBJECT: Words that all women want to hear (no, not those words)
Men look at porn to get turned on. Women get aroused by words.
Read any romance novel and you'll see the steamy phrases that
keep woman buying them by the BILLIONS.
When you want to talk a little *dirty* to the woman in your life
you are most likely tempted to use what you may have heard
in any adult clip you may have seen. *WRONG*. Those videos
are designed to turn men on -- not women.
Saying the wrong words and phrases can actually turn
women stone cold and it will be a long time before she
ever thaws out.
Make sure you know the words that excite women and the
ones that make them feel trashy.
To your success,
P.S. Try this incredibly powerful phrase when she is about
to peak to make it truly explosive for her
SUBJECT: Melt any woman - FAST
SUBJECT: This will take a woman from cold to simmering to boiling
You've most likely heard the analogy that when it come to
arousal that men are like microwaves and women are more
like crock pots.
The problem is that often you don't have 6 to 8 hours to
*get her ready*.
Here is a great tip on getting her from frozen to sizzling hot in
the quickest amount of time.
It starts with a simple text, email, phone call or whisper in her
If you say the RIGHT words her internal arousal system will
go into overdrive and she'll be begging for you to have her
in no time.
Say the wrong words and she'll lock up her legs for a long, long
time. She does NOT want to feel like she is in a porno.
To your success,
P.S. There is some great bonus material on the website
and grab it quick before it is taken away.
SUBJECT: Simple trick to heat up the passion instantly
SUBJECT: This tip can be dangerous as it can cause uncontrollable desires in your spouse
Passion is the super-glue of a relationship. You know this
because you personally know couples who fight like cats and
dogs but keep getting back together because of the
intimacy they crave and share.
It is just that not all men and women have naturally occurring
high libidos.
But here is a way to simply and easily heat up the passion
in your partner - not matter what state it is currently in.
All you have to do is to whisper (or text, phone or email)
a few key words to your beloved and I guarantee their
body's arousal system will begin working in overdrive.
The key is knowing exactly what those words are. Use
the wrong ones and you'll send the passion into the deep
Michael Webb is well-known as one of the world's top
love and romance experts and has shared some of his
secret techniques on Oprah and over 500 other TV and
radio shows.
On his website he shares how you can use just the right
words to drive just about any man or women into a
deep state of arousal.
To your success,
P.S. I love that Michael's tips aren't raunchy or crass.
Any one would be comfortable putting his plan into action.
SUBJECT: Want more passion in your relationship?
SUBJECT: Use this simple tip to supercharge the passion in your relationship
You don't need to try out acrobat lovemaking positions to spice things up.
You don't even have to buy any toys, lotions or creams.
And you certainly don't have to do anything dangerous or overly kinky.
Here is a very simple, but incredibly effective way to bring you and your
partner to new sizzling passionate heights.
I can almost guarantee you that your partner wishes you were more vocal
in the bedroom. Not in a slutty, porno, creepy way.
Using the right sexy words and phrases and imagery can take a
man and woman's arousal into overdrive. You know that sexual
stimulus all starts in the brain.
Chances are you feel frozen, stuck or nervous. You don't want to
say the wrong thing (and you shouldn't).
Fortunately, Michael Webb (maybe you know him as one of Oprah's
love experts) has created a fantastic resource of the very best
sexy words and phrases that are passion triggers for men and women.
Couples who begin using the right amount of "sexy talk" (and at the
right moments) have reported to have new orgasmic experiences
that are OFF THE CHART.
If the passion has died back in your relationship this a perfect way
to get it blazing in no time. It is also a great way to get your
spouse excited and dragging YOU to the bedroom.
To your success,
P.S. I've had great success texting a couple of Michael's phrases
to my love -- and have them coming home and wanting a pre-dinner